Economic crisis will not affect mobile application market in 2009

Archive [10/12/2008] – The current crisis has been felt in different ways by various segments of the economy and in many of the segments, the prospects for growth are encouraging. Positive scenario and change of behavior of the mobile user should help to maintain the market for services and mobile applications heated. This is the evaluation of Bsmart Latin America, provider of applications and content for mobile phones.

The company sees in each new model of mobile handset that comes to the market with new features, the opening of new opportunities for mobile operators and for the developers of applications. “Increased growth should be recorded in the development of new content, followed by various applications for the end user, and then for corporate environments and business management,” the company’s experts provide.

Some surveys of Bsmart with companies, in particular, from the financial and Telecom segments, which are the largest focus of the company in Latin America, point out that most of them should keep the investments planned for 2009. In the mobile services and applications market, the crisis should not have a major impact because there is a change in the behavior of the mobile phone user, who always yearns for news and new value-added services. Services and applications that can guarantee entertainment and facilitate the day-to-day should be the ones that should grow more.

According to Alexander Dannias, director general of the Company, this also results in positive impacts on the business model of a cellphone operator and contributes to the significant increase in the consumption of mobile services. From this scenario, according to him, Bsmart works with the prediction of a strong growth in the supply of mobile services and applications in 2009, “Overcoming the cyclical crisis of capitalism”, emphasizes the executive, who views the crisis as a great opportunity for his company in Brazil and the Americas.

Attentive to this movement, Dannias says that Bsmart has already been negotiating contracts for distribution of new content and mobile applications with some of the most reputable companies in the sector based abroad. As a common strategy at these times, the executive does not reveal what these companies would be but ensures that in the first months of 2009 the company should announce new contracts.

For Dannias, the current international moment also contributes to the creativity of the companies providing mobile solutions precisely because they do not survive without innovation. “We have talked with the carriers and the content providers and mobile applications. The market view is unanimous: the more new technologies arise, the more mobile users want to know the news and have the possibility to have access to these new features on their device.

From this scenario, Bsmart should record a growth of more than 50% in 2009 in all its commercial operations compared to 2008, when the company managed to board its solutions and services accessible to more than 90% of mobile phone users Cell phone in Brazil. And the company has plans for growth also in Latin America, where it expects to reach at least 25% of mobile users already in the first semester, a number considered conservative according to Dannias.


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