Company registers a 10-fold increase in the number of issuances of contactless cards and documents in Brazil

The increase is motivated by the standardization of technology in the country and the
higher use of contactless cards during the social isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The numbers are from the French company SPS, in partnership with Bsmart Consulting.

SPS, specialist in design, manufacturing, and sale of solutions for the production of credit
cards, identification, electronic passports and dual-interface bank cards, recorded an
increase of 10 times in the activities related to the production of payment cards by
approximation in 2020 and first half of 2021, driven by the standardization of the
technology in Brazil and the increase in use of contactless cards during the social
isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The French company had already registered an annual growth above 100% in the last
five years in the Brazilian market, in supplying its technology for manufacturing
contactless and Dual cards Interface (DIF), following the standardization adopted by the
large MASTERCARD, VISA and ELO payment brands. The expectation was to keep those
metrics, but with the pandemic, contactless transactions had a strong boost, a ten times
increase, helping people to make their payments avoiding touching equipment with
their hands in establishments considered essential, such as food retail, pharmacies, food
delivery and others.
SPS business’ growth in Brazil was supported by a commercial and technical support
from Bsmart Consulting & Outsourcing Services, the consulting unit of Bsmart Group,
dedicated to business development for global companies looking for opportunities in
Brazil, Latin America, and the United States, through the offer of new technologies.
“COVID-19 had a strong impact on the business and SPS customers were able to organize
themselves and control the production flow, with the production of financial cards being
considered a business essential and, therefore, the industry has never stopped moving
and innovating. The results reflect this movement,” says Benoît Guez, VP Americas, SPS.
SPS has been operating in Brazil for over 10 years, well before the migration to Dual
Interface (DIF) technology, developing relationships with all card manufacturers, in
partnership with Bsmart. The expressive result of 2020 follows the pace of growth of the
contactless card market in the banking and credit card system, in addition to other
segments such as transportation and retail, a movement that registers around the
world. Indeed, Cristiano Paulino, based out of Sao Paulo, is the LatAm Sales Director
covering all markets in addition to Brazil from Mexico to Argentina, enhancing the
physical presence of SPS. Together with Karina Prado, head of Bsmart Consulting
Business Unit and Commercial Director of the group, they support the local market and
the contactless payment industry.
Alexander Dannias, managing director of Bsmart Group, also points out the maturity of
the Brazilian market in contactless transactions and the user’s trust, gained over the
years due to the improved security standards for online transactions. “The investment
made by S-P-S, and the structure of Bsmart, allowed card manufacturers and banks to
have the opportunity to know the most advanced technology for contactless payment
methods, learn a lot about the portfolio of solutions and evaluate the benefits for their
business”, says the executive.
Talking about the result of this partnership with Bsmart, adds the VP Americas of SPS,
“we are leaders in Dual Interface technology used in Brazil and Latin America, we
managed to present our technology soon enough, to virtually all Latin American card
manufacturers, offering quality and robustness to cardholders and issuers. This is our

By Willians Geminiano – Journalist

Version in English by Outfox Marketing

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