Telecom & Transportation: 

We deal with all the Telecom groups in the region, and major transportation authorities, through our partners portfolio we are growing in the region and generating more revenue through Value Added Services and Telecom products.

Connecting people, understanding the market and the end user needs. Supporting marketing strategies and acting as a one-stop-shop for the Telecom Operators, that see in us as the local provider with the state-of-the-art solutions, through our Partners, the best ones around the world, with real success cases, really committed to invest in the region and fully support Bsmart in delivering its services and products!

IT & Retail: 

Bsmart has a team ready to introduce your products and services in the region, creating the infrastructure, developing channels and managing the whole process or simply distributing it to existing channels or Customers.

Contact us in order to see how we can work together introducing or expanding your activities in the Brazilian market! We are 200 million potential Customers for your Product and Services.

Some figures about Brazil

Cards & Payment

Our company supports foreign companies in this segment to address its solutions to the whole Americas region, thanks to our extensive network with the whole ecosystems, including:

▻  Banks 
▻  Card processors
▻  Card manufacturers
▻  Personalization bureaus
▻  Terminal, POS, ATM manufacturers
▻  Laboratories, test bureaus
▻  Credit card companies and brands
▻  Retail and Private label issuers
▻  Loyalty programs, among others, in the American continent, enabling a right introduction in each and every market

Providing the comfort level required to do business with this industry in each and every country of the region, with a well known team, and technical knowledge.


Bsmart has the right team to take part directly or supporting our partners in public bids across the region, creating the right structure to enable the foreign company to be able to bid. It could start prior to the RFP, introducing the product, service, solution to the right department of each government, enabling them to understand and if agreed test the solution, with full support in the same time zone and same language.

Act now and start seeing revenue coming from overseas!